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How many ways can you cook a turkey?  You can bake, roast, grill, braise, smoke, stew, dehydrate, and yes….FRY your turkey.  According to a recent study, Ohio ranks #4 on the list of states with the highest number of claims from deep-frying a turkey.  When you tell an insurance agent you’re going to fry your turkey, don’t be surprised if he or she immediately breaks out in hives and cold sweats.  Not that a fried-turkey isn’t delicious, it’s just that when you tell an insurance agent that you’re frying your turkey, our minds immediately flash to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and a picture of Cousin Eddy holding a “Meisterbrau” in a fleece robe and slippers declaring “_______’s full!”  Then we remember the gas build up that causes a massive explosion that leads to a flying flaming Santa decoration to go bursting through the sky that restores the kid’s faith in Santa.  Yes, this is what we picture.   We would prefer you choose any other method to cook your turkey, than to fry it.  However, if you just can’t resist that crispy fried turkey skin, then please take heed to these 5 tips to safely fry your turkey:

  1. Fry your turkey AWAY from your house…and garage. The garage may seem like a logical place to fry your turkey because of the level concrete floor, however, this is where most of us keep our most flammable materials.  The garage is where most turkey frying accidents happen.
  2. Set up the fryer on level ground. Any uneven ground can cause the oil to spill over and will make the fryer unsteady.
  3. Make sure the turkey is thawed and dry. If your turkey is still frozen it will cause excess water to leak into the fryer which can cause the oil to spill over and ignite a fire.
  4. Carefully monitor the temperature. The oil should not reach above 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, make sure you have adequate oven mitts to protect your hands when lifting the lid.
  5. Put safety measures in place. Be prepared with a fire extinguisher and fire retardant powder to put out any potential grease fire. Remember, DO NOT pour water on a grease fire, water will only intensify the flames.

We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and decide NOT to fry your turkey.  However, if you do decide to fry your turkey, be sure to follow our 5 safety tips and most importantly, enjoy your “Meisterbrau” long AFTER you have finished.

Colleen Miles

Insurance Agent