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PIAA members know all too well that the provider network is one of the most important factors in advising clients and businesses on their selection for health insurance coverage. But often consumers don’t have access to updated provider directories when making such choices. The decision of evaluating the strength and scope of a provider network should be made when a consumer is considering purchasing health insurance, not at the time of utilization.

Addressing this issue, the Ohio Department of Insurance has proposed a new rule to ensure network information is available for all health insurance plans. PIAA submitted comments in support of the rule, which will require health care companies to maintain up-to-date provider directories so consumers can have this crucial information to make informed decisions.

PIAA supports proposed Rule 3901-8-16 because it will provide a forum and process whereby agents and consumers will be able to compare provider networks with various health plan options. It will help consumers have this information at the right time, eliminating any surprises or disappointments when they are utilizing their benefits.

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