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Turkey Frying is for the Birds

How many ways can you cook a turkey?  You can bake, roast, grill, braise, smoke, stew, dehydrate, and yes….FRY your turkey.  According to a recent study, Ohio ranks #4 on the list of states with the highest number of claims from deep-frying a turkey.  When you tell an...

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Locally Grown Agents: The Why of your purchasing decision

I was talking to a friend earlier in the year about the new “real food” craze.  We were talking about many health benefits that go along with knowing where your food comes from, all the while lamenting that the so-called “healthy” convenience foods couldn’t be trusted...

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Drones, what you need to know

  Did you get a drone for Christmas?  Do you have coverage?   We recently received a question for one of our clients who asked, “I want to buy my son a drone aircraft for Christmas.  Do I have coverage on my homeowners policy?”   Most standard homeowners insurance...

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How 15 minutes to make an insurance buddy could cost you more than 15%

This new-found “buddy” was a voice on the phone when I called a very popular direct insurance marketer. You know, one of those companies with the cutest commercials?! Who doesn’t love a talking reptile? Anyhoo, we in the independent insurance agency world LOVE to compete against these companies. We love any chance we get to expose their weaknesses – which are many.

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